About cookies

This site requires cookies to function properly.

A Cookie can simply be described as a small text file which is saved to your computer when you visit a site that employs them.

Cookies can either remain for a longer period of time to provide ease of access during reoccurring visits to a site, or they can be session based which means they will be deleted when you close your browser.

The booking site only utilizes Cookies which are classified as strictly necessary.

Strictly necessary Cookies can be defined as follows:

  • Cookies which are required for the site and its features to function.
  • Cookies which are created by the holders of the site and not by a third party.
  • Cookies which are usually session based. Meaning that they will expire once the browser is closed.
More specifically this site uses three different cookies:
  • __RequestVerificationToken is a cookie which is set by this page to protect forms and search-functionality from tampering by external agents. This cookie is deleted at the end of the session.
  • ASP.NET_VentusBooking_SessionId is a cookie which is set by this page to keep track of which web-forms a visitor is interacting with and what values have been filled in. If the user is interacting with a multi-step web-form then the cookie is also used to keep track of the values added between steps, so that the visitor may go back and fourth within the web form. The Cookie only stores a temporary ID number which is used internally by Nemoq.se and cannot be used to personally identify a user. The information being stored is encrypted. This Cookie is deleted at the end of the session.
  • ASP.NET_VentusBooking_SeqGUID is a Cookie set by this page to save an id which identifies the lastly visited booking page, in order to return to that page in the case of a non-recoverable error occurring. This cookie does not store information entered by the user and may not be used to personally identify a user. This Cookie is stored on the user’s computer for 120 minutes.